Why do the Items in my Shopping Cart Keep Disappearing ?

If you are browsing as a guest (not logged in to an account) on the Spirit Connexions website, and are adding items to the cart, you may be subject to a session timeout, resulting in loss of the items you have previously placed in your cart. This means that when you come to place your order for the items you placed in the cart, there wont be anything to order.


Our theory:

We think this only happens when using Internet Explorer. We might be wrong though. There is also a case for session timeout on another website you are browsing on another tab in your internet browser window. For example, an internet banking website may have logged you out of your account due to being inactive for a certain amount of time. Being logged out of your internet banking session may also expire your session on Spirit Connexions. Obviously both websites are not linked in any way.


A solution to this problem:

1. Register an account and then continue to browse, add items to cart and checkout without any such issue.

2. Use a different internet browser. Google Chrome or Firefox should work better when browsing as a guest.

3. Close your internet session and re-start a new internet broswer with only the Spirit Connexions website.

We would prefer option 1 as creating an account means you can save your cart for as long as you want. We also may run a promotion from time to time which targets those who have added items to their cart and not checked out. You have nothing to lose by creating an account with us and it's completely free of charge to do so. All of your data is safe and we are totally against using or selling on your data to third party promotional companies.


Thank you


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